Cryo Express Blackburn

Cryo Pain Relief

Cryotherapy is another way of saying ‘cold therapy’. With this in mind, people have been using ice packs and cold compresses to combat pain for many years. This is why experts believe that Cryotherapy has enormous potential as a form of pain relief.

Our treatment involves utilising localised vapours of sub-zero, liquid nitrogen, as a way of tackling the pain associated with sports-related injuries or medical conditions.

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures slows and reduces the transmission of nerve signals reaching your brain, meaning you’re likely to experience less pain. Not only this, but Cryotherapy can diminish pain intensity and frequency since it stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

These physiological responses will help to reduce swelling and inflammation in targeted areas, as well as reduce your sensitivity to pain, meaning you can manage your pain relief more effectively.
What’s more, this proven, natural pain relief can last for up to several hours, days, or even weeks after the treatment, allowing the treated area to rapidly gain strength and flexibility, as well as enhancing your healing and promoting increased movement.