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Faster recovery/better performance


Metabolic boosting

Sports and Athletic Performance

Are you an athlete that’s aiming to train harder, perform better, and recover faster?

Well here at Cryo Express Ltd., we understand that Cryotherapy has enormous potential to improve the performance of athletes across a vast variety of sports. That’s why our team of experts specialise in providing whole body and localised Cryotherapy, as a way of supplementing your training and aiding your recovery.

As many athletes will be aware, Cryotherapy treatments are long established in the world of professional sports. From ice packs to ice baths, utilising the cold is proven to enhance their training. But did you know it takes up to forty-five minutes for the temperatures within an ice bath to deeply penetrate the muscles, whilst temporarily leaving athletes out-of-action?

Alternatively, our Cryotherapy treatments have an intensified effect in a matter of minutes, and immediately allows you to return to training. By utilising vapours of sub-zero, liquid nitrogen, we can efficiently conduct physical therapy, as well as encourage muscle repair and pain management.

From rapidly increasing your rate of recovery and reducing your swelling and sensitivity to pain, all the way through to improving endurance, eliminating fatigue and improving muscle flexibility and strength, the benefits of Cryotherapy are countless.

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Metabolic boosting

  • Faster recovery/better performance

Recommended Cryotherapy Treatments For Sports Performance

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