Frequently Asked Questions

As with any new treatment, you’re bound to have many questions you’d like to ask. So to put your mind at ease, our experts have answered some of the most common ones for you:

How safe is whole body cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a scientifically proven therapy, and here at Cryo Express Ltd., we guarantee that you will have the safest possible experience. Not only are the chambers operated by qualified practitioners, but we only use the most advanced, high-quality technology for our treatments.

To ensure your safety, the leading Cryogenic company in the UK has built-in our Health and Safety Ventilation System. Monitoring the oxygen levels in the room insures that the room is safe to be in at all times for both you, and our staff. As well as being given specific clothing to protect your sensitive areas, such as your hands and feet, your head will remain above the chamber at all times so you can speak to the qualified operator throughout.

How much is Cryotherapy?

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve and therefore what treatment package we would advise but our price list should give you a good idea.

How do I prepare for the cryotherapy?

Due to being exposed to sub-zero temperatures, cryotherapy drives the body into survival mode. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you eat and drink plenty of water before arriving. Staying hydrated and nourished is vital if you are to reap the rewards of the experience.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, you don’t need to worry about bringing anything. We will supply you with a dressing gown, thermal gloves and socks, as well as a pair of Crocs.

What should I wear?

On arrival, we will provide you with a dressing gown, thermal gloves and socks, as well as a pair of Crocs. During the treatment, the less clothing you wear, the more your body will be exposed to the liquid nitrogen. So we suggest that you wear a bathing suit, bikini or shorts.

Will cryotherapy hurt?

We can assure you that the treatment itself does not hurt. However, we recommend that if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you contact our experienced team on 01254 56770 for more information and consult your doctor before beginning cryotherapy.

Can I wear metal or jewellery?

We recommend that you remove any jewellery or metal piercings located below your neck.

How often should I get cryotherapy?

We understand that everyone is different, so how often you get Cryotherapy will be dependent on your condition, and the type of therapy you would like to experience.

Although one treatment will provide multiple health benefits and encourage the recovery process, we initially recommend that if you suffer from a chronic condition, you book a block of 10 sessions, in order to get the best results, as quickly as possible.  

Will I feel claustrophobic in a cryotherapy chamber?

No, you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic inside the cryotherapy chamber; we go out of our way to ensure that you feel comfortable at all times. The chamber floor is raised so your head will remain above the chamber during the treatment. The door of the chamber will also stay unlocked for you to push open at any time, and a qualified professional will be present throughout the entire procedure.

Can I work out before and after cryotherapy?

Yes. When used pre-workout, cryotherapy is proven to boost blood flow, increase your metabolic rate and activate your adrenaline – heightening your physical and mental performance.

When used post workout, cryotherapy rapidly increases your rate of recovery, and reduces muscle pain and fatigue. Unlike ice baths that temporarily leave athletes out of action, cryotherapy also allows you to immediately jump straight back into training.

Can I have cryotherapy if I’ve had surgery?

Yes. Although we recommend consulting your doctor before committing to cryotherapy, this treatment is a fantastic rehabilitative tool and is proven to significantly reduce post-surgery recovery time. Take a look at our Physical Therapy, Pain Relief and Health pages for more information.

I’m pregnant. Can I use cryotherapy?

Congratulations! However, whole body cryotherapy should not be used whilst you are pregnant. We’d love to see you after the baby is born, though!

I’m still in school, can I use Cryotherapy?

Yes. There is no minimum age for Cryotherapy, but if you’re under the age of eighteen, your parent or guardian must attend your treatment with you and provide parental consent.

To discuss how cryotherapy could help you or to book an appointment speak to us today on 01254 56770 or message us using the button below.