Maximise your physical performance with proven cryo therapies.

    Cryo express Sports Injury Blackburn

    Safe, non-invasive treatments for flawless skin and fat reduction.

    Cryotherapy beauty Blackburn

    Pain relief for conditions like arthritis, improved recovery after physio, and generally feel better.

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Cryo Express
recover faster, reduce fatigue, improve performance

As the first clinic in Lancashire to pioneer Cryotherapy, we specialise in delivering a wide range of professional treatments for your sports, health and beauty needs.

Cryotherapy is an effective treatment that safely exposes the body to liquid nitrogen at sub-zero temperatures. When the body experiences this extreme cold, it begins to stimulate a range of beneficial, physiological responses that repair and reinvigorate your body, as well as revitalise your mind.

Discover how Cryotherapy can enhance your athletic performance, combat your skin complaints and conditions, and support your weight loss success, today.

Working with

Cryotherapy Brian McFadden

We are the official UK distributor of cutting edge Cryotherapy Devices (Cryo T Elephant) and the CryoSpace Hybrid Whole Body Chamber

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From rapidly increasing your rate of recovery and reducing your swelling and sensitivity to pain, all the way through to improving endurance, eliminating fatigue and improving muscle flexibility and strength, the benefits of Cryotherapy are countless.


Cryotherapy Blackburn Facials


Not only will you reduce fatigue, restore firmness and reinvigorate your complexion, but you’ll also strengthen your hair, skin and nails, and soothe skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Dermatitis.


Blackburn pain clinic natural therapy


Our Cryo Detox and Weight Loss treatments promise to revitalise both your mind and body. Exposure to sub-zero, liquid nitrogen supercharges your metabolism, flushing toxins from your system and burning up to an impressive 800 calories per session. What’s more, this safe and supplementary treatment is proven to banish stress, boost energy and combat cellulite.


We are stockists of

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What our customers say about us

The difference from walking into walking out was amazing, my posture and pain had improved massively after my first treatment. After years of various different physio treatments, nothing has given me pain relief as quickly as I got after a treatment here.

Sara Knagg

I broke my hand while on holiday. On my return after the cast was taken off it was still swollen and stiff. After a few treatments of cryotherapy the swelling and stiffness had gone and movement increased almost overnight. It has greatly reduced the recovery time. I would definitely recommend this treatment.

Lynne Masson

Fantastic service. Great for pain relief & mobility. Highly recommended!

Liam Ainsworth

What a pleasant surprise after a boxing fight, to have my face and hands treated. Lovely staff. Could have fallen asleep was so peaceful. would certainly recommend to all fighters to recover from training/fights

Luke Fash

Best facial I have ever had. My skin feels amazing!

Kathryn Shacklady

Excellent service, look and feel younger and fresher whenever I have cryo!!!

Gemma Carter

Amazing treatment with mask my skin feels lovely

Mandy King
Cryotherapy Clinic Blackburn

About Us

As professional clinicians with an approved medical and clinical advisory board who offer specialist knowledge and experience of Cryotherapy, we’re in a position of responsibility and believe that it’s our duty to share our vision.

With a combined total of nearly thirty years experience in Cryotherapy, Sports and Physiotherapy, and Alternative Therapy (including Massage and Cupping), our qualified practitioners are experts at providing high-quality care, treatments and advice. 

Read more about how we are pioneering Cryotherapy in Lancashire…

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